-6 Component modular equipment for processing hot and cold casted Elastomer Systems, Epoxy and Polyester resins, Silicones etc.

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Our product range extends from cost-effective 2 component devices to custom designed and computer-controlled 6-component units.

Special equipment for the processing of polyurethane adhesive, epoxy and polyester resins, foams and adhesives, silicones, PUR hot cast elastomers, and also RIM systems.

The machines are low-pressure systems; versions complete with heating and recirculation are possible.

Output capacities from 0.5g per shot up to more than 50 litres/min are possible. DG 10

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We design and deliver multi-component systems for your production.

As aprocessor of liquid resins you can leverage maximum potential from custom made injection moulding equipment for quicker and more precise dosing, homogenisation and application. In the following we present three of our standard machines.
All standard machines can be adjusted or modified for particular applications or materials.
Whether casting, spray-coating, gluing, or foaming with our RIM [reaction injection moulding] equipment your production will go from strength to strength. In conjunction with our multi-component systems we also supply material preparation units as well as automatic container filling systems, material handling robots, heated casting tables, rotary index tables and other peripheral equipment up to and including a complete, computer-controlled filling system.

DG 107 For your production of all types of plastic components or for your filling and coating systems we have the experience over many years of third party manufactoring and product development to help you.

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